Let's Get To Work!


Let's Get To Work!


Clients tell us...

They feel bombarded with “big data” and are rarely offered actionable insights by other partners. They often feel lost in a jumble of analytics with no clear direction on where to go.

At Elevate, we know how to ask the right questions that deliver that clear direction and provide actionable insights  in a fun and easily digestible way.

Our game is effective marketing. With a combination of art and science, we help you Elevate your marketing efforts with recommendations rooted in strong evidence-based research that is clear and easy to understand. AND we promise to never data dump you!


Our Specialties

Our Specialties

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  • What percent of your desired customers know your company?
  • What aspects of your company will drive purchase intent best?
  • How do familiar consumers rate their satisfaction of your company?
  • What is the first thing that comes to mind when people hear your company’s name?

Case Study:

A home service company had been using longer form commercial advertising to explain in detail the intricacies of their somewhat complicated service, and the decision-makers assumed their awareness was strong since they had been running the campaign for at least a year. After sampling homeowners in their desired geography, it turned out awareness was only 3%. Our research uncovered an opportunity in their leader as a quality spokesperson for their brand and a new campaign was hatched that leaned into that strength (among others) in the form of a traditional thirty-second advertising campaign fronted by an animated character version of the spokesperson. With placement in more high-profile and watched programs, awareness is on the move for this client.




  • How well does your (insert media type here) give desired customers a reason to contact your company or purchase your product?
  • How does your creative resonate with people compared to your competitors? Is it stronger or weaker?
  • What do your desired customers specifically like and dislike most about your marketing messaging? (Get a list of hundreds of individual responses!)

What creative can you test? Anything! Here are some examples…

  • TV commercial
  • Mobile splash page
  • Newspaper Ad
  • Radio spot
  • Coupon

  • Direct Mailer
  • Storyboard
  • Jingle
  • Imagery
  • Web banner

  • Beta mobile app
  • Virtual tour of store
  • Spokesperson
  • Social media voice
  • ... And more!


Case Study:

In the app world, success is measured in downloads and usage and for a very high profile company, their new app just wasn’t delivering. After testing several video concepts for both their app and their competitors', research lead us to a concept that resonated strongly with likely users but cost a third of the budget of their competitors’ more expensive campaigns. Elevate helped save the company thousands of dollars in creative costs with research that indicated buying the rights to a particular hit song would not yield the results or brand lift they wished for.



Platform Optimization

  • What media platforms would best reach your most desired customers?
  • Where and how can you be more cost efficient with your media spending?
  • How can you translate a consistent and effective marketing message across platforms (i.e. TV, radio, mobile, social, etc.) What should that look like?

Case Study:

A major real estate company had been buying full page newspaper ads to advertise upcoming open houses for years. However, agent leads were dwindling and newspaper advertising costs were skyrocketing. With consumers favoring mobile devices over print media, Elevate stepped in to help this real estate company research and deploy a digital strategy that led the company to unprecedented web and mobile traffic and increased agent leads (by double).




  • What competitor incentives resonate strongly with your desired customers?
  • Where do consumers rank you versus your competitors on perceived value, price, or overall customer service (to name a few)?
  • What unique attributes do you deliver more strongly than your competitors?

Case Study:

A large furniture retailer increased their sales 25% in one quarter by zeroing in on a competitive advantage they didn’t even know they had. After testing 15 attributes for “reason to purchase” and then evaluating each of their six major competitors on those attributes, three in particular rose to the top. The furniture retailer acted swiftly to change creative direction to highlight these key opportunities and reaped the benefits quickly in multi-million dollar increased revenue.


Key Benefits

Key Benefits

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Large Samples

Our surveys include big respondent pools for increased precision in analyzing results and providing reliable actionable data for you.

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Low Risk

Our research gives you the opportunity to take some “out of the box” risks in a low risk environment.

Unbiased Feedback

As an outsider to your business, we are able to provide a fair and unbiased analysis of your marketing strengths and weaknesses.

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Zero Data Dumping

At Elevate, we will never “data dump” you! All of our findings and recommendations are provided in clean data visualizations that make it easy for you to understand and act upon.

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Creative Consulting

We provide creative consultation for a year following delivery of your project to help you implement your findings.

Clear Direction

You will walk away from your project with us with a very clear and specific direction on how to grow your business with a tightened marketing voice that generates results.